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Iran Media services

Having observed the latest standards, we provide various services in the fields of international news programs and documentaries, which have made us well-known to the world’s top TV channels and reputable journalists.

Shiva Rasaneh Services include providing full assistance in the following fields:

We are honored to provide you with
media and technical supports

  • Obtaining press card for all foreign media
  • Helping journalists with their press visas to Iran
  • Obtaining all required permits for the production of news, features and documentaries
  • Doing hotel reservation
  • Cameramen, soundmen, light technician, local director and producer
  • Providing professional interpreters in (English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Italian, etc.)
  • Providing transportation
  • Coordinating exclusive interviews with top Iranian authorities and officials
  • Inviting multilingual experts in political, economic, social, military and environmental fields
  • Professional technical equipment
  • Providing news and documentaries packages
  • Doing Live Programs through SNG Delivery and the other transmission devices

Our Partners

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Non Resident Partners

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Proudly speaking, what makes us unparalleled from many other agencies in Iran, which are absolutely bound to providing only media services to the foreign media, is rendering media and technical support to a countless number of foreign TV channels, radios, news agencies and newspapers throughout the world.

Our key to success mainly backs to our determined, dedicated, well disciplined, highly educated and eminently qualified staff and more importantly to our enormous capabilities which have enabled us to obtain required licenses, papers, work permits and accreditation so as to excellently deliver spectacular services to our clients across the globe and that is why quite a few universally well distinguished TV channels and media agencies preferably show willingness to cooperate with us.

If you have got a particular liking for making feature stories, documentaries, presenting reports about the customs, rituals, history, archeological sites and spectacular scenery of the country including heavily forested areas and Caspian Sea in North, Oman Sea and Persian Gulf in South and all vast deserts and mountainous regions, there is no question that, Shiva Rasaneh Agency is highly recommended as we deeply believe in the motto saying:

Delivering impressive performance definitely yields spectacular results



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Contact us at:

Shiva Rasaneh Company, Unit 11, 5th floor, No. 10, Vafamanesh St., Heravi Sq., Tehran, IRAN
+98 21 22932333
+98 21 22932434
+98 9191268343
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