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If there is any willingness to make use of professionally excellent live services in Iran, Shiva Rasaneh Company, whether on a regular contract basis or casual coverage of the events, would be the best choice ever.

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Press Visa

Guarantee your epic journey to Iran from E.Visa application till back home through our way.

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If you are decided to come to Iran and create documentary or make news reports but you need professional equipment in Iran it just need to contact us.


Committed to its slogan, Shiva Rasaneh has so far delivered services to quite a few number of professional foreign media across the globe. By virtue of hard work, discipline, tenacity, perseverance and more importantly, young and energetic personnel, our dedicated team has always been privileged to fulfill its mission in assisting the clients in surpassing their expectations.

As an agency with over a decade of invaluable experience, we strongly believe that our well-disciplined company can accompany any foreign media from the initial stages of the itineraries to their desired result.  


How to become

Resident Media in IRAN

Hosting foreign TV channels in another country typically involves negotiating licensing agreements with the foreign channels owners and securing the necessary rights to broadcast their content based on their media and technical standards and the rules and regulations of the target country. This can be a complex process in case the local broadcasting provider is not well informed of legal, financial and technical considerations.