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Shiva Rasaneh Media Assisting Agency is ready to providing Media Services as well as Technical Media Services to foreign media and press from all around the world , who consider to do any journalistic activity in the Islamic Republic of IRAN. Our services include providing full assistance in the following fields are ...

  • Obtaining Press Visa to Iran
  • Obtaining Press Card for Journalists
  • Providing Professional interpreters ( English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Kurdish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and etc. )
  • Doing Hotel Reservation
  • Providing Transportation
  • Employing multilingual experts in Political, Economic,social, Military, environmental fields and etc.
  • Camera & Cameramen
  • Obtaining all required permits for the production of news and documentaries
  • Providing News & Documentaries Packages
  • Professional Equipment
  • Coordinating exclusive interviews( With Iranian authorities )
  • Providing SNG & Satellite Transmission devices

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Shiva Rasaneh Media Assisting Company is ready to provide all necessary assistance to foreign media and press from all around the world, who consider to do any journalistic activity in the Islamic Republic of IRAN.

Our Company's services consist of providing all types of assistance from A to Z , In the Fields like , making documentaries , assisting in getting the necessary permissions, Professional translators, cameramen, sound technical support and equipment , cameras, SNG cars and satellite transmission devices.

Because of our hard work, discipline and perseverance plus young and energic personnel, we have been able to achieve the satisfaction of all our customers that we has had the privilege to work with.

We deeply believe in this Persian proverb which Says:

Work Good for a Good Work



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